In a state ranked 49th in obesity and 48th in overall healthiness, preventive health measures are an important part of health promotion efforts. These efforts have been recognized as a cost-effective way to identify and treat preventable health problems like diabetes, hypertension, cancer, and heart disease before they develop or worsen. Innovative medical research grants are periodically considered, primarily initiated by the Foundation.

Our priorities:

• Efforts to promote healthy eating and active communities
• Preventive health measures
• Programs that provide mental health and counseling services, especially to the underserved



Past Grants

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Community Grief Support_3

Community Grief Support Services received a $15,000 program support grant to assist with their programs that promote a healthier community both physically and mentally. These programs include grief support groups,…

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Oasis Counseling Center_Junior-Board-500x392

A $30,000 grant was given to the Oasis Counseling Center for their Child and Adolescent Therapy Programs. The Daniel Foundation has identified mental health and counseling services as one of its priority…

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Victory Health_3 (3)

Victory Health Partners was awarded a $25,000 grant for the general operating support of their clinics. All of the patients served are employed but uninsured, have a gross income of…

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A $6,000 grant was given to Cahaba Valley Health Care for the new pediatric dental clinic. This new clinic will serve 540 kids, provide 800 dental exams and offer dental…

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Gift of Life Foundation_5

The Nurse Family Partnership Program was awarded a $40,000 grant. The NFP is a unique family centered, home based, national model delivered by registered nurses working with low income women…

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A grant for $15,000 was given to HEAL for general operating expenses of their program. The funds were used to help with the costs of implementing the curriculum in over…

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