Grant Policies

Beginning in 2020 there will be four grant cycles during the year, focused as follows:

  • Education & Youth
  • Arts, Culture & Community Assets
  • Health
  • Community Needs

See timeline for each cycle below.  Refer to Priority Areas for details about our focus in each of these cycles.

Priority is given to organizations that have at least one full-time employee and a broad base of supporters and have been in operation providing programs and services for a minimum of two years. Grants to start-up operations are considered by invitation only.

Multi-year grants are considered, with preference given to organizations having a long history with the Foundation. Organizations receiving a multi-year grant, may not reapply until the multi-year period has expired, even if the funding has been accelerated.

After three consecutive years of funding organizations must sit out one year before re-applying

Organizations may only receive one grant during the calendar year

We do not fund:

  • Individuals
  • Scholarships
  • Sponsorships for fundraising events
  • Organizations outside of Alabama


You may visit our How To Apply page for more  information.

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