Community Needs

The Foundation supports programs that provide for basic human needs and promote the development of life skills in an effort to improve the quality of life for Alabama’s individuals and families. This quality of life can also be improved with the stimulation of business growth and entrepreneurship within our communities. Such work hinges on the availability and development of leaders who have the vision and capacity to address these challenges.

Alabama has an estimated 400,000 total veterans, representing 8 percent of the state’s population. We believe that, given the sacrifices made by our military personnel, they deserve access to services and opportunities that enable them to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

Our priorities:

• Programs that offer an effective approach to job training, readiness and placement as well as life skills training
• Programs that encourage and support the growth of entrepreneurship in Alabama
• Community revitalization initiatives
• Projects that meet the needs of Alabama’s veterans
• Leadership programs that demonstrate success in developing leaders for the nonprofit, government and business sectors

Past Grants

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South Baldwin Literacy Council

The Adult Literacy Program of South Baldwin County was awarded a $7500 grant to help fund individual tutoring to 15 new or emerging readers. In addition, classroom instruction will be…

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The grant of $15,000 awarded to the Semper Fi community Task Force was used to support a Dream Outdoor Adventure of a Lifetime Program. This program provides for a dream…

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Main Street Alabama_2

Main Street Alabama was awarded a start-up grant of $75,000 over three years to help fund the three year start-up plan of staffed MSA operations. These experienced staff and consultants…

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Economic Development Partnership of Alabama_5

The Alabama Launchpad program received a grant of $30,000 towards programing work. These funds were used to help triple the program budget. Programs impacted included the business proof of concept…

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Oakwood University_3 - Copy

A $10,000 grant was awarded for general operating expenses of the New Beginnings program. Funds were used towards tuition scholarships, textbook grants, early childhood education programs, and the food pantry….

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Project Horseshoe Farm_2

Project Horseshoe Farm received a grant of $25,000 towards their general operating support. This program works to find ways to care for and support the community’s most vulnerable members including…

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