Samson’s Strength Sustainable Veterans Project

Samson’s Strength received a grant of $25,000 for their veteran housing program.  This program is located in Lineville, AL and consists of 115 acres that includes a working farm and the housing village.  Seven of the acres are designated to be a Tiny Home Village for veterans.  Founder, Dave Flounders, retired from the military and had the vision for this project.  He purchased the land with the dream of having 30 tiny homes and serving 30 veterans.  The veterans served are young, homeless and single veterans needing help reintegrating into the civilian workforce.  As part of the program, veterans also participate in workforce training.  Program participants help with and learn farming skills as well as produce products from the farm such as pepper jelly to sell. Each veteran also helps with the construction of their home which is also portable.  Through this process, the veteran learns construction skills such as plumbing, electrical, and carpentry as they work on their home.  A partnership with the Ashland Housing Authority is creating a workforce training program so that others in the community can participate, along with the veterans, in the learning these marketable skills.

Staff provides help accessing veteran resources.  There is a counselor on staff to provide emotional support and space, on the 115 acres and around their tiny home, for them to process their experiences, which is an important part of integrating back into life as a civilian.  Upon completing the program, the veteran has job skills, a home that can be moved to almost any location, access to veteran programs and  benefits, and is back on his feet.