Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy

Ozanam Charitable Pharmacy received a grant of $20,000 from the Foundation for the purchase of generic medications for their patients.  Ozanam provides pharmacy services and patient care for a broad range of patients from ages 19 and up who do not have the ability to pay for medication at traditional pharmacies.  All services are provided at no charge to patients who are financially challenged and without access to basic health insurance in Mobile, Baldwin and Escambia Counties.  Their goal is to keep those classified as working poor, homeless, and indigent connected to their medication and out of the emergency room.

The grant they received will help provide salaries for a part time case worker and part time pharmacy technician as well as to purchase generic medications from wholesale distributors.  Ozanam fills over 500 prescriptions each week.  They are the only charitable stand-alone pharmacy in Alabama dedicated to providing completely free medication.  In 2016, they dispensed over 26,000 prescription medications to over 1600 patients at a retail cost of $1.7 million.  If not for Ozanam, these patients would seek health services through emergency rooms and would miss significant amounts of work due to chronic illness or medical conditions that are not kept under control.