Lincoln Village

Lincoln Village of Huntsville received a grant for $50,000 for the renovation of homes. Lincoln Village has worked for 17 years to restore the neighborhood and transform the lives there through safe and affordable housing, access to healthcare, and their neighborhood school, Lincoln Academy.  Lincoln Village recently purchased 37 homes that were in unlivable condition. Funds will be used to restore homes and thereby the neighborhood as well.  Families will move into safe and affordable homes and participate in a program for two to five years while paying an affordable rent and creating a savings account that also provides a matching program.  Mentor families in the neighborhood walk alongside of participants and support them.  There are neighborhood cookouts and other activities that promote community and building relationships within the neighborhood.

At the end of the program, families are stable, have financial literacy skills and a savings nest egg.  They are then ready to transition into housing that they either buy or rent.  By walking alongside of families as they work to become financially stable, they help to address any issues that arise providing support and encouragement along the way.