Cahaba River Society

A grant for $15,000 was made to support the work of Cahaba River Society as they increase river access and connect the trails, history, and culture of Cahaba communities, as well as promote the Conservation of our rivers, recreation, greenways, tourism, and stewardship of creation. The Foundation supports the preservation of our natural resources for all to enjoy and learn from.

CRS enables people to better enjoy the river and the growth that ecotourism can bring. They encourage planning and design based on sound science for protecting water resources. This work will continue to strengthen their successful engagement with partners for water-smart growth and youth education as well as increasing support for Cahaba recreation and ecotourism development.

The CRS has seen success through collaborative efforts with many partners in practices towards better development and water use to restore rivers and safeguard drinking water. These programs are part of that success. The CRS was founded in 1988 and is a leader among watershed groups regionally, nationally, and in Alabama. Their mission is to restore and protect the Cahaba River watershed and its rich diversity of life including the people who rely on the river as a source of drinking water and recreation.