Free 2 Teach

Like most communities, the teachers in the Madison County Schools struggle to find the funds for needed for classroom supplies.  New teachers are responsible for decorating their class room with educational materials and sometimes even providing furniture such as shelving, file cabinets and seating.  Because teachers are passionate about their work, they often come out of pocket thousands of dollars each year trying to meet the basic needs of their students and classrooms.  That’s where Free 2 Teach comes in.  They provide resources to teachers at the only free teacher supply store in Alabama.  They provide basic supplies such as pencils, crayons, paper and glue sticks along with health supplies such as Kleenex, paper towels and sanitizer.  They are also able to offer materials for bulletin boards and classroom decorating from retiring teachers who generously donate their gently used classroom visuals.  Free 2 Teach believes that teachers should have the tools and resources so that every student can learn and learn with dignity.  Teachers sign up to shop and are able to leave with an estimated $500 worth of supplies.  They can also select some classroom furniture as well as kits to enhance curriculum.  Approximately 24,000 students benefit each year from the classroom and student supplies.