Foundations Early Learning and Family Center

The Daniel Foundation made a grant of $12,500 to the Foundation Early Learning and Family Center program serving the Fairfield and Midfield communities.  Foundations provide a 3K and 4K preschool program in a Christian environment where they seek to develop the children academically, physically, socially, and spiritually.  They partner with the families and equip them to prepare their children for school by using the best known practices in childhood education.  The grant was used to help with the addition of a second 4k classroom and general program needs such as classroom supplies, playground equipment, field trips, books and UAB’s socio-emotional/behavioral screenings.

The Center works to ensure that each child meets benchmarks for school readiness by the time they enter kindergarten.  Children who enter kindergarten prepared are more likely to advance and achieve at grade level, develop the skills they need to succeed, and graduate.  The school has had one 3k classroom and one 4k classroom. The expansion allows them to be able to give a spot to all of their 3k students for the next school year.  Because the program receives a grant from the Office of School Readiness for the state, they are required to use a lottery system to fill their 4K class.  That meant that not all of their 3K students would get into the 4K class. By adding the additional 4K classroom, they can ensure that all of their students have a spot for 4K as well as being able to accommodate additional students from the community.