Creative Wellness Institute

The Daniel Foundation awarded Creative Wellness Institute a grant of $12,500 for their Family Care Initiative.  Creative Wellness is a community based counseling and art therapy center located in Birmingham.  Their mission is to empower and inspire individuals and families to create positive change in their lives by providing access to counseling, creative arts, and experimental programs that are nurturing and healing.  The Family Care Initiative provides access to outpatient mental health counseling services for at risk families who do not have insurance or the financial resources to cover the cost.  Funding is used to bridge the gap between the reduced fee paid by the client and the organizational cost of providing the service. Treatment is provided at a time when there is a high probability of improvement and before more severe impairment may occur.  This grant will provide for 250 patient sessions.

Each of the therapists in the practice has their own area of expertise and strengths.  Therefore, they can refer to other therapists in the group when a client might need some added help in a certain area.  They also believe strongly in the role of art in therapy.  Their Strong Girls program, in partnership with the Jefferson County Family Court, provides 18 group sessions for girls and 9 group sessions for Parents.  Relationships are strengthened between parent and child and the girls can work on self-confidence, friendships, and deal with the trauma and experiences they have had through art therapy and group discussion.