Charles Henderson Child Health Center

A grant of $15,000 was made to the Charles Henderson Child Health Center in Troy for assistance in implementing two new initiatives.  One of the initiatives is CHADIS (Child Health & Development Interactive System) which allows for real time screening and scoring of mental health, substance abuse and toxic stress in a patient.  It efficiently provides guided interventions so that physicians can efficiently and quickly identify mental health and substance abuse issues so that appropriate interventions and referrals can be made in real time.  CHADIS screens specifically for anxiety, depression, substance abuse, ADHD, suicidal ideations and environmental risk factors.  The funding will help with the purchase of the online portal system.

The second initiative is the ACES program or Adverse Childhood Experiences program.  These are potentially traumatic events that can have a lasting negative effect on health and wellbeing. Studies have found a connection between higher levels of stress in early life and chronic disease. The uses of various therapies have been found to be effective in reversing the effects of ACES.   Therapies such as art or music therapy, yoga and other forms of self-expression will be used so that children will find an outlet for expressing stress in their life.

The goal of these two initiatives is to improve general health, including mental health and life outcomes of the children served. The clinic provides high quality healthcare to children from birth to age 19 regardless of their ability to pay. In 2017 the clinic completed a total of 16,361 patient encounters. In Pike County, 75% of children under the age of 13 receive some or all of their health care at the clinic. They serve Pike, Crenshaw, Bullock, Montgomery, Barbour, Dale, and Coffee counties.