This is a milestone time in our lives… possibly the start of a new chapter. How we are working remotely, using telemedicine more effectively, educating children more creatively, and addressing so many other issues in new ways may very well color how we see normal in the future. We are still here working remotely and within our priorities established for each cycle. While, these priorities have not changed, our opportunities will be viewed with a pandemic lens and consideration given to an organization’s current situation. The Foundation is not establishing an emergency response fund, but rather will be supporting the efforts created by organizations such as United Way, Community Foundations, Women’s Fund and others to meet current critical needs. Reach out to your tax advisors about opportunities arising from the recent stimulus package.  There are a number of resources for non-profits to access, but if you have needs that are going unmet, please let us know. We may not have emergency funds available, but along with others in philanthropy we would like to understand the scope of unmet needs. If you have questions, please reach out to us by e-mail. We are working from home and you can access our e-mails from the Contact page or About Us page. We will get through this – stronger on the other side. Keep your distance and stay healthy!