Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you change your processes and guidelines?

We are proud of the grantmaking work we have done over the last several years, but want to assure that we are having a measureable impact on the challenges facing our communities. We have therefore developed more focused grantmaking priorities. In addition, we know that our process had become onerous for both our nonprofit partners and our staff, so we have attempted to develop a process that is simpler and more accessible.

How many board meetings or cycles are there?

We have three issue specific cycles. The first cycle will be related to Education & Youth, the second cycle will be related to Arts, Culture, & Community Assets as well as Health, and the third cycle will be related to Community Needs.

When is the deadline for the Letter of Inquiry?

We have three deadlines for the letters of inquiry. Please see the calendar on our home page. Please note that the Letter of Inquiry is the required first step for our grant making process. We encourage early submission, which can take place anytime after the previous cycle’s LOI deadline.  Your LOI must be in by 5 pm CST on the deadline date.

How often can I apply for funding? (also see “Can I apply for funding”)

You can receive funding once in a calendar year. Organizations who have received funding three consecutive years will need to sit out for one year.

Can I apply for Funding?

Organizations should be well established with a strong base of community support. Organizations who have received funding in the last 3 calendar years are not eligible. Priority is given to organizations who have been board funded in the past. Please review our priority areas in the Grants section of the website to determine if your project or programs align with our focus.  Also, information in the Grant Policies section of the How To Apply page may be helpful.

How do I know if my request is a fit for the Foundation?

Please review the Priority Areas in the Grants section of the website. We have attempted to provide detailed information regarding our priorities. If you still have questions feel free to contact us.

When will I hear back regarding my Letter of Inquiry?

All LOIs are considered collectively.  Each one submitted will receive a response by the date posted in the Dates to Remember section of our Home page, if not a few days before.  The time period between the LOI due date and the response date is approximately 4 weeks.

When do you consider multi-year grants?

We will consider multi-year (two or three year) grants on an opportunity by opportunity basis. These grants may be for large capital projects or ongoing program and/or operating support.

What does “board funded” mean?

When we refer to organizations who have been board funded we are referring to an organization who received grant funds as the result of our grant submission process.

What if I think my project fits in two different cycles?

Please contact Joyce Brasher for a brief conversation to determine where we think your project may fit best. There will now only be one opportunity each year for an organization to apply given our issue specific cycles. You want to be clear on where you fit so you do not miss the opportunity to apply.