Education and Youth

The Daniel Foundation believes that a quality education provides the basis for individual opportunity and economic vitality. We are committed to supporting and improving education and development for youth in grades pre-K-12, especially children in underserved areas or facing economic disadvantages. In addition, we are interested in supporting:

Our priorities:

• The availability of and access to high quality public libraries
• Quality and readily available pre-school opportunities
• Advocacy and programming that promotes bold approaches to Alabama’s public school challenges, and programs working to provide better educational opportunities for K-12 students.
• Youth development, including mentoring programs
• Readiness for both higher education and employment opportunities
• Summer learning, with a particular focus on SAIL

Higher Education
We believe that the colleges and universities in Alabama are key economic drivers for the communities in which they exist. They offer important resources to us in achieving our philanthropic goals, and we support them in this partnership role. Grants to universities will be primarily focused on these partnerships and primarily initiated by the Foundation.

Past Grants

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10-2018 (3)

The Daniel Foundation made a grant of $12,500 to the Foundation Early Learning and Family Center program serving the Fairfield…

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2018-10 DSC_1666 (2)

Holy Family Cristo Rey Catholic High School received a $25,000 grant for their student work program.  The high school, located…

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2018-10 Kindergarten

The Daniel Foundation made a grant of $10,000 to the Link of Cullman County for their Volunteers in Public Schools…

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2018-10 057

Charles Brown Elementary School is a K through 5 Birmingham City School serving 367 students where 100% of the students…

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2018-10 shopping45 (3)

Like most communities, the teachers in the Madison County Schools struggle to find the funds for needed for classroom supplies. …

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GBMP Kids picture

The Greater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership is a UAB research and professional development organization founded to improve the teaching and learning…

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