Community Needs

The Foundation supports programs providing for an individual’s basic needs, such as access to food, clothing and adequate housing.  Emphasis is placed on classes and programs which help individuals better navigate and manage their circumstances, leading to enhanced job opportunities and outcomes for an improved life for Alabama’s individuals and families.  By connecting with rural communities and non-profit organizations, we desire to support business growth and spark community revitalization in Alabama’s richly diverse rural areas.  All of this work is connected to the availability and development of leaders who have the vision and capacity to address these challenges.

A segment of the population highly valued by the Foundation is Alabama’s estimated 400,000 veterans. Given the sacrifices made by our military personnel, they deserve access to services and opportunities that enable them to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

Our priorities:

• Access to food, clothing and adequate housing
• Programs that offer an effective approach to job training and life skills
• Rural community revitalization initiatives
• Projects that meet the needs of Alabama’s veterans
• Leadership programs demonstrating success in developing leaders for the nonprofit, government and business sectors

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