Arts, Culture and Community Assets

The Daniel Foundation recognizes that a thriving arts community contributes immeasurably to the quality of life in Birmingham and Alabama. Furthermore, the availability of arts and cultural offerings weave together our diverse population in important ways. We also believe that preservation of our unique historical, natural and cultural resources in Alabama is an important piece of this cultural backdrop.

We understand that our arts providers need both physical spaces and ongoing operational support to provide the stability and sustenance that they are uniquely positioned to provide. Regarding operating support, we specifically seek to assist arts organizations in achieving financial sustainability – preference for operating grants is therefore given to organizations that show strategies focused on this goal.

Our priorities:

• Operational support for arts organizations, particularly those with organizational sustainability strategies.
• Capital needs for arts organization, with preference given to organizations that the Foundation has supported in the past
• Community heritage, culture and historic preservation
• Projects that preserve greenspace and increase access to nature

Past Grants

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