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How to Apply                                                                   

Our new process will begin with a letter of intent for designated areas of interest. These letters should be sent by e-mail to the following e-mail address,, by 5:00 p.m. CST on the deadline day. The Daniel Foundation board and staff will review letters and communicate with organizations regarding our decision to decline a request or move forward in the process. For information about contents for the letter of intent click here.

Current Calendar

  • July 1
    Deadline for letters of intent for "Community Needs" and "Health"
  • August 4-8
    Declination letters and invitations to submit a full proposal will be sent
  • September 2
    Deadline for all proposals
  • November
    Grant decisions are made

2015 Calendar

Education and Youth

10/01/2014    Letter of Intent Due
10/27/2014    Inform Organizations
12/01/2014    Proposals Due
January    Board Meeting

Arts, Culture and Community Assets Health

02/02/2015   Letter of Intent Due
03/02/2015   Inform Organizations
03/31/2015   Proposals Due
June     Board Meeting

Community Needs

06/01/2015   Letter of Intent Due
06/29/2015   Inform Organizations
07/31/2015   Proposals Due
September     Board Meeting
























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